Collecting art guide for beginners, covering the basics.

June 12, 2017

Collecting art guide for beginners, covering the basics.


Art collection is a very stimulating and inspiring hobby for all. It isn’t just for the rich and famous, but even regular everyday people too. There are various forms of art that you can choose from, especially since art’s definition can greatly vary from one person to another. However, it doesn't really matter whatever its form is, you’re the one to make the call on which is attractive and how much are you willing to spend for such piece.


To Go For Open Edition Prints, Limited Editions or One-Of-A-Kind?

 In the art world, some people may look down on others due to their different tastes in picking out art. For instance, there are those people who only buy original works and would never even consider buying prints.

However, you should take note that if you’re just starting to collect art and is doing this for enjoyment then originals are not really necessary to buy, especially if they’re way out of your budget.

There is really nothing wrong with buying prints. In fact, these are one superb way to have framed art that would look lovely on your wall, just like how an original would look, but at a way lower price. 

 In fact, a lot of art collectors have art prints by different artists, which were fairly bought inexpensively from the Internet, galleries and art fairs. Amazingly, such pieces still look tasteful and classy, instead of cheap looking like what most people expect.

 All Framed Up

Once you spot an original or print that you like, you have the option to frame it by yourself or get somebody else to do it for you. Generally, you can find frames in a vast price range, starting from cheaper metal frames to ornate and hand carved wooden frames costing you a fortune.

 Set of 3 Miami Beach Roman Gerardo Photography Fine Art Prints

With regard to using mats, which is another way of framing your picture inside its frame by the use of papers or illustration boards, you should take note that such could detract your print. If you don't know how to frame, then you should get your piece and get it framed first. While doing so, observe how they’d offer you different mats and frame styles.

 You don’t have to hasten up when picking out the mat you want to use. In fact, you should take your time and deliberate on it carefully, since the mat and frame color combinations can have a great effect on how well or bad your artwork would look. You should also consider how the frame would fit-in in whatever place you’ll put it, like your home or your office.

If you want a clean and contemporary look, it’s recommended that you use plain color frames keeping your interior design minimalist. 

Nevertheless, it’s safe to go for black or white or wooden color, if you are more of a wood type of person, you can also get wooden frames that are naturally stained like the ones we offer with some of our photographs

 The Breakwater Hotel on Ocean Drive by Roman Gerardo Photography Miami Beach Art Deco Architecture

Basics Of Buying Art: Whether You’re A Pro Or Not

 Buying and collecting art intelligently can be done by anyone. That's right, anyone. You do not need to have experience in collecting art, previous knowledge about the art business, or even a degree in art history. The truth is, all you’ll need is love for and appreciation of fine art; plus a yearning to collect; lastly, willingness to learn a some simple techniques that would help you evaluate any kind of art work coming from any period of history, whomever the artist is and whatever his or her nationality is.

 Anything Goes

Although you might read some specific suggestions and recommendations describing specific works of art, you should take note that there is really no right or wrong kind of art and that there’s no right or wrong method to collect or buy art. Everyone has the freedom to collect whatever it is that they feel like collecting and buy whatever pieces they feel like buying. It doesn’t really matter whenever and wherever you feel like purchasing art, for whatever reason, and for how much you feel like spending on the purchase. As a result, the following tips are not for everyone, but are typically designed for those who want to spend their money wisely on worth it pieces.

If you happen to be one of those people, then here are some tips on how you can be a better art collector.

 Four Way Questions On Buying Art

If the time comes that you see a piece that you want, whether it be a painting, sculpture or a print, there are generally four questions that you should ask yourself to start your decision making.

Roman Gerardo Mixed Media Miami Beach Photography and Digital Painting

 Who’s The Artist?

To answer this, you have 2 reliable sources: spoken and written information. Spoken info usually comes from the artist himself, gallery exhibiting the piece or the dealer. It can also com from other collectors,friends, family, and other people that are familiar about the art or the artist being considered. On the other hand, written info could come in a number of forms like artist career resumes, gallery exhibit catalogues, art reference books and exhibition reviews. How Important Is It?

 This could be answered by simply looking at as many possible pieces done by the artist. Try to be familiar with the range of the artists’ art and see where that particular piece falls. You can start by asking the seller to show you a number of pieces done by the artist, whether original, in print, or in photographs.

Also try to see works from all periods of the artist’s career; doing this can teach you a lot about the artwork and the artist at hand.

 Where Has It Been?

 Third, it’s also important to know where that particular piece of art has been. This is done by accumulating all incidental information about the piece. It’s similar to making a biography of the piece, from its birth, which is the artists’ completion of it, up until the present day.

 This can be helpful since good provenance and documentation can increase an artwork’s desirability, collectability, and market value. Having a good provenance in the art world is analogous to having good pedigree in the pet world. For example, if a painting was exhibited at a notable and important art show, then it is more collectible than a similar painting that wasn't; just the same with awards and prizes.

Is The Price Fair?

For this question, it doesn’t really matter what the piece’s value may be in the future, since nobody can really answer that. What you should want to know is whether the piece is fairly priced today or not. This is a very important question, because just like other services or goods, art can sometimes come overpriced.

Roman Gerardo Miami Beach Abstract Seascape Photography

 Great Collections: Making Your Own

 If you want to build your art collection, you should do so in an intelligent manner. This is so that everything you buy for your collection wouldn’t be considered as a waste of money. However, collecting art intelligibly would require you to master two things. First, is to have good research skills, and second the skill of collecting.

 Starting On The Thought Of Collecting

Generally, as most people do, you’d probably have the knowledge of buying art on a piece-per-piece basis, yet still may not be thinking of plans like making multiple achievements as time passes by, or simply, building up a collection.

 Although it is possible to find artworks that you like anywhere you go, and get to choose from an outstanding diversity of subject matters, mediums, and price ranges; doing so can still be confusing and intimidating, especially if you’re still starting.

Questions such as: "How exactly do you push your way through and choose which direction to make an entrance?" "How can you relate one buy to the other?";

"How should you group or organize your art?"; "Are there ways of presenting it?"; and lastly "How can you do everything in an excellent manner?"; may come play in your mind.

 Miami BeachVersace Mansion Roman Gerardo Photography in situ Ocean Drive

However, once you get these queries off you head then you’ll get to understand the real meaning of "collection", which is the crucial case of controlled and purposeful buying.

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